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Indian music is a true depiction of the rich cultural heritage of India. Be it the emotion- educing world of classical ragas, musical representations of the poetry depicting the profound feelings of love – the ghazals, the enchanting melodramas of folk music and dances, the power-packed qawwalis, or authentic Indian classical dance forms, each art form has a unique appeal that transports the audience in a mesmeric space, relieving the stress of today’s exhausting lifestyle.

Though extremely soothing, this space is restricted to the music lovers who take special initiative to go to such cultural events or music festivals. But it may not always be possible due to the time constraints or other commitments.

We at Mulberry Leaves Events aim to make this stress-elevating space accessible to all by creating a music ritual for every important occasion of life. Whether it is a beginning of a new avenue, the annual function of a corporate, important personal ceremony, or simply a dinner meet, we want to give you the opportunity to elevate the mood and rejuvenate.

About our Directors

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

He is an Indian classical vocal virtuoso of Kirana Gharana who is acclaimed for beguiling the audience with his melodic, mesmerizing voice. He has a record of stealing the show; whether we talk about the music festivals of international repute or other concerts. National awardee Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is considered a connoisseur and has given many workshops on the subject. He has been invited by many esteemed organizations and shows for judging talent. He is also the founder of Kirana Gharana Music Academy, a music school that aims to disseminate the true essence of Indian classical music.

Jasdeep Kaur

She is a software engineer who drove her life towards her passion for music and arts. She works as Technical Writer for a Switzerland based organization that creates standards and tools for accessible book publishing. She learns Indian classical music under the able guidance of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, and is Director at Kirana Gharana Music Academy. She has an ardent desire of promoting Indian music and dance.

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